Gas Range

30" Gas Range


Model Options:
  • R304 - 4 burners

Wolf has perfected the form, function and sheer durability of our stainless steel gas ranges.
The Wolf 30" Gas Range offers a vaviety of standard features such as an infrared oven broiler, convection baking, dual brass surface burners and our signature large red control knobs.

 Model Options:
  • R366 - 6 burners

  • F364C - 4 burners, Charbroiler

  • F364G - 4 burners, Griddle

Wolf packs a lot of kitchen artistry into a 36" package. A cavernous convention oven with an infrared broiler that starts cooking the moment you turn it on. A cocktop that can be configured with everything from six dual burners to a combination of burners with infrared charbroiler or infrared griddle. The professional look of Classic Stainless that makes a strong statement in any kitchen.

36" Gas Range

48" Gas Range


Model Options:
  • R488 - 8 burners

  • R486C - 6 burners, Charbroiler

  • R486G - 6 burners, Griddle

  • R484CG - 4 burners, Charbroiler, Griddle

  • R484DG - 4 burners, Dual Griddle

  • R484F - 4 burners, French Top

Here's range that turns cooks on. One convection oven with infrared broilers and one non-convention oven. And customizing opportunities galore. Options include a French Top, an infrared griddle and an infrared charbroiler. Chef's choice.

 Model Options:
  • R606DG - 6 burners, Dual Griddle

  • R606F - 6 burners, French Top

  • R606CG - 6 burners, Charbroiler, Griddle

How can you not dive into cooking with a range like this? A vast, 60" cooktop that can be customized for your preferred cooking style - or style. Designed with six dual burners, add a French top, infrared griddle or infrared charbroiler, or a combination thereof. Underneach, two full-size convention ovens boast our infrared broiler that cooks with virtually no warm up.

60" Gas Range

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